A vintage year

The Garden | July 2016

Highlights from RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

What we loved at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

A Little Bird | May 2016

There was so much to love at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show from very experienced designers that returned to the show including Andy Sturgeon and Cleve West through to show garden newcomers like Sam Ovens or Jekka McVicar. As always we came away buzzing with plans and planting schemes and plenty of take-away ideas.

Herbs for a hospice

The BMJ | Richard Hurley | May 2016

The Modem Apothecary, a garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show, has been designed for patients and families using St John's Hospice in London, where it will ultimately be relocated.

the bmj cover 28 May 2016

Lily of the valley….does someone want me dead?

Daily Telegraph | May 2016

The Queen displayed a dark sense of humour when she made a joke about attempts to assassinate her by slipping poisonous flowers into her bouquets. On her annual visit to Chelsea Flower show, her majesty stopped to chat to herb gardener Jekka McVicar.

Gallows humour from the Queen as she is warned of plant’s poisonous properties

Daily Mail | May 2016

As the Queen toured the famous show herb gardener Jekka McVicar told her how the flowering plant, lily of the valley, used to be used as a poison. Ms McVicar, designer of the St John's Hospice garden at the show, said she told the Queen: "It has the same properties as digitalis." She added: "She said, 'I've been given two bunches this week. Perhaps they want me dead'."

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Gardens Weeds & Words | Andrew O'Brien | May 2016

Undaunted by lack of ticket or official press pass, your intrepid blogging correspondent infiltrates the gates of the Royal Hospital Chelsea to bring news and photographic images of the glories that lie within, armed only with steel-toed boots, hi-vis jacket and the insatiable appetite for cake that epitomises the horticulturalist at work.

Women at the top of their game

Daily Express | May 2016

They may be in the minority but the female show garden designers at this year’s RHS Chelsea are more than ready to take on the boy

emotional ties

Mail on Sunday | May 2016

Royal Horticultural Society ambassador and herb expert Jekka McVicar on glass jugs and gold medals

You Magazine 2016 May 22 - front cover

Meet Chelsea’s star players

Daily Mail | Constance Craig Smith | May 2016

This year's Chelsea Flower Show boasts a record number of Show Gardens, designed by some top-notch gardeners

Jekka McVicar’s Herb Garden for Hospice

The Splendid Table | Lynne Rossetto Kasper | May 2016

In 1987, an Englishwoman named Jekka McVicar started growing herbs in her backyard. Nothing unusual about that -- herb gardens are rampant in the U.K. But the one Jekka McVicar grew made her famous, and she's left the backyard to create the largest herb nursery in the U.K., growing some 300 herbs

Enjoy a taste of Chelsea

Garden Answers | Helen Billiald | May 2016

Helen Billiald outlines some of the gourmet growing ideas to steal from this year's flower show.

Chelsea Flower Show Preview

Country Life | Mark Griffiths | May 2016

Country Life’s guide to the best of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show by Mark Griffiths.

A herbal Heaven

English Garden | May 2016

More used to creating floral exhibits in the Great Pavilion, Jekka McVicar builds her first show garden this year.

What goes with what

Saga Magazine | Val Bourne | May 2016

Combining plants in a border is a real skill. The best place to find inspiration is in the show gardens at Chelsea. We asked six top designers exhibiting this year to reveal their fresh, new planting styles.

Chelsea 2016 preview

Gardens Illustrated | April 2016

We look at what are likely to be this year's most talked-about gardens, highlight the hottest plants and products, and take you behind the scenes on judging day

Gardens Illustrated Chelsea 2016 Preview

Herbs for cooks

Gardens Illustrated | April 2016

From spearmint to French tarragon, herb expert Jekka McVicar lists the essential culinary herbs that no gardener cook should be without

Gardens Illustrated May 2016 front cover

My life on a plate: Queen of Herbs

Good Things | April 2016

She owns a herb farm and has curated and created herb gardens for Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc. Now Jekka McVicar is focused on this month’s Chelsea Flower Show

Full Seed Ahead

Kensington & Chelsea Magazine | Rebecca Wallersteiner | April 2016

More than a century since the first RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the event is today recognised as the most prestigious in the horticultural calendar.

Chelsea and beyond the next episode

Homes & Gardens | Zia Allaway & Arabella St John Parker | April 2016

It takes four weeks to build, to give visitors Just one week of inspiration. but what happens to an RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden when the show is over?

A Modern Apothecary Garden

The Hippocratic Post | Dr Michael Dixon | April 2016

What we eat is the most important way to prevent disease, so nutrition should be regarded as the most important way of maintaining good health. Herbs and fruit don’t cost much to buy but their many health-giving properties are often overlooked by modern medicine.

Queen of Herbs

inside & out - South Gloucestershire | Lynne Hutchinson | March 2016

Making a simple mint sauce as a girl was the start of Jekka McVicar's lifelong enthusiasm for herbs. With scores of awards and fans that include royalty and celebrity chefs, she tells Lynne Hutchinson how she is now achieving a dream to create a garden at Chelsea Flower Show

Road to Chelsea: ‘A Modern Apothecary’. Medicina en el jardín

El blog de la tabla | María José Holguín | March 2016

Hace unos días mencionaba el jardín de James Basson patrocinado por L’Occitane y… hablando de jardines y otras hierbas, nunca mejor dicho, hoy el turno le toca a Jekka McVicar, la reina de las hierbas, al menos en Reino Unido.

How to create a healing garden: planting aromatics and fragrant flowers

Evening Standard | Pattie Barron | March 2016

In healing gardens, as well as looking attractive, each plant has a purpose - stimulate the senses with health-giving herbs. At this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, one of the prettiest gardens on display will surely be A Modern Apothecary, which will sport borders of espaliered as well as step-over pears, a circular tapestry of herbs and an entrance archway of hops and climbing roses.

Local Talent

The Wealden Times | Jennifer Stuart-Smith | March 2016

We offer you an insider's glimpse of the Chelsea Show gardens which have roots in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

How to treat minor ailments with produce from your garden

Ham & High Property | March 2016

St John’s Hospice in St John’s Wood is sponsoring The Modern Apothecary, award-winning herb grower and RHS ambassador Jekka McVicar’s first show garden at this RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

Look no further than the garden for remedies

The Northern Echo | March 2016

Queen of herbs Jekka McVicar reveals some secrets about the healing properties of herbs and offers wellbeing design ideas in her forthcoming Chelsea Flower Show garden

Flower power

The London Magazine | By Matthew Wilson | March 2016

The healing power of plants

Jekka’s Herbal Theme for Chelsea

Eastern Daily Press Weekend | Hannah Stephenson | March 2016

Queen of herbs Jekka McVicar reveals some secrets with Hannah Stephenson about the properties of herbs and her design ideas for the Chelsea Flower Show.

The making of a modern apothecary

Irish Times | Hanna Stephenson | March 2016

A garden at Chelsea Flower Show uses herbs and clever design to create a healing space.

Market update: retail seeds

Horticulture Week | Matthew Appleby | March 2016

The retail seed market has seen an unusual amount of upheaval for such a mature category over the past few months.

Hospice garden appeal: Come and help us

The Carer Magazine | March 2016

Our appeal to finance a new hospice sensory garden which wil be showcased at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show in May.

Jekka’s herbal path to happiness

Express & Star | March 2016

Award-winning herb grower and RHS ambassador Jekka McVicar comes from an era when you really didn't go to the doctor unless you were seriously ill.

Taking the Chelsea challenge

Cotswold Life | Mandy Bradshaw | February 2016

Cotswold gardeners will be well represented at this year’s Chelsea. Mandy Bradshaw has been talking to them about their plans

HEALTH: Love your lovage!

Daily Mail | Susan Stacey | February 2016

The little-known herb lovage is one of the top 20 health foods according to the authors of The Sirtfood Diet, a convincing new book about optimum nutrition for health and weight loss.

What to Expect at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Daily Mail | Sean James Cameron | February 2016

Every May we enter the fantasy world that is Chelsea Flower Show on the banks of the River Thames in London. For over 100 years gardeners have flocked to the annual show for inspiration from the numerous show gardens on offer.

A Modern Apothecary garden for RHS Chelsea

Reckless Gardener | February 2016

One garden to look forward to at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, is undoubtedly Jeckka McVicar’s ‘A Modern Apothecary’ garden, designed for St John’s Hospice.

Jekka McVicar announced as RHS Ambassador

ProLandscaper | Nina Mason | January 2016

Jekka McVicar of Jekka’s Herb Farm has been announced as a new Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Ambassador alongside Jamie Butterworth, the co-founder of YoungHort.

Jekka McVicar on thyme

Make everyday herbilicious | December 2015

Thyme is one of the great European culinary herbs whose use spread with the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. When it is used in cooking its wonderful smell fills the kitchen with a mouth-watering aroma.

Jekka’s favourite mints

intoGardens | September 2015

Jekka McVicar selects some her favourite mints for the garden. Jekka has sixty gold medals, four books, broadcaster, journalist, RHS Council member, and owner of the Herbetum, floral judge and all round horticultural goddess.

RHS Floral Marquee: The Meticulous Process of Judging

Oxonian Gardener | Petra Hoyer Millar | May 2013

Oozing with horticultural knowledge, the RHS Chairman of Moderators, superb plantswoman and all round horticultural treasure, Jekka McVicar, guided Petra Hoyer Millar through the exhibits at the recent RHS Great Plant Fair in London, to explain the intricate process of floral marquee judging.

Jekka McVicar: Keeper of the Herbetum

Oxonian Gardener | Petra Hoyer Millar | October 2012

In-depth interview with herb guru; Jekka McVicar about bring herbs (back) onto the (culinary) agenda.