Jekka McVicar at her herb farm

Jekka at her herb farm

Jekka McVicar is renowned for her passion and knowledge of herbs with which she has worked for the last three decades. She has been awarded the Gardeners Media Guild Life Time Achievement Award; ’for services to horticulture, design, education and communication and excellence in the field of organic herb growing.’ Keen to share her passion for herbs, Jekka has exhibited at the RHS Flower Shows for many years and has been awarded 62 RHS Gold Medals and, in 2009, the Lawrence Medal.

Jekka is President of the Friends of Bristol Botanic Garden, President of the West of England Herb Group and a member of the RHS Herb Group. In 2016, Jekka was made an Honorary Member of the RHS Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Committee. Earlier this year, Jekka was appointed as an RHS Ambassadors to help bring horticulture to everyone and to encourage people to learn more about it.

She appears frequently on national radio to advise governments, chefs and members of the public on the cultivation and use of herbs. For the purpose of enhanced education on the subject of herbs, Jekka and her team have set up the country’s first Herbetum, where members of the public can see, smell & taste her national herb collections, and enroll in courses to further their knowledge.

Jekkas Complete Herb Book Cover

Jekka’s Complete Herb Book

An established author, Jekka’s bestselling herb book, ‘Jekka’s Complete Herb Book’ reached 1 million sales in 2014.

Jekka has been designing, growing and creating herb gardens for over 3 decades.  During that time she has created Jamie Oliver’s culinary herb garden; the herb garden at Le Manoir; the Hilton Trafalgar Cocktail Roof Garden in London; a culinary, medicinal and aromatic herb garden at the Sheepdrove conference centre; the Sudely Castle medicinal garden; and culinary and aromatic gardens for various clients including Babbington House and The Priory Hotel. Current projects include, a herb garden  for St John’s Hospice and the Roth Bar and Grill at Hauser and Wirth, and a roof garden for Southmead Hospital, in Bristol.